I’m an author with a passion for history, as you’ll note from my works of fiction and nonfiction.  Biddle, Jackson, And A Nation In Turmoil details a divisive, political era that nearly split the United States asunder. Saint Katharine: The Life Of Katharine Drexel follows the life choices of a wealthy young woman who became an ardent proponent of social parity and racial justice.  Her credo was “Think it; Desire it; Speak it; Act it.”

            The Martha Beale Series, set in 1840's Philadelphia, explores the chasm between wealth and poverty during a turbulent epoch. Martha Beale makes an engaging, determined heroine.

            My first novel, Beneath The Wind, is a story of one woman's empowerment, and examines the effects of imperialism in 1903.

            I’m delighted to hear from readers and invite you to write me.  I promise a timely response.  I’m also happy to join your book club for a lively discussion.

   They Believed They Were Safe                  

a novel debuts November 1, 2022                "Cordelia Biddle's latest is a breathless and wild ride."                Vine Leaves Press                                                Jason Rekulak, author of Hidden Pictures

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“Cordelia Biddle weaves together a rich and vivid tale of one of America's most prominent, brilliant, and misunderstood public figures.” Steven Ujifusa, author of Barons of the Sea and A Man and His Ship.

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“This is history at its best – perceptive, witty, elegantly composed and deeply empathetic. I learned a great deal from this richly entertaining volume; in fact, I could not put it down!” Donald Spoto, New York Times best-selling author

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Saint Katharine:

The Life of Katharine Drexel


Philadelphia’s saint! Katharine Drexel devoted her life to social justice, creating schools for those whom racism marginalized and persecuted. Born in 1858, she died in 1955; her life reflects the nation’s history: the tumultuous years leading to the Civil War, Lincoln’s assassination, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, the movement for Women’s Suffrage, and the Equal Rights Movement.

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Biddle, Jackson, And A

Nation In Turmoil


The epic fight between Nicholas Biddle and President Andrew Jackson comes to vivid life in this compelling narrative of political intrigue. Partisan politics nearly tore the country asunder. Newly discovered Biddle correspondence alters the financier's place in history.

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The Actress

The fourth novel in the Martha Beale series, set in Philadelphia during the 1840’s. The iconolclast and amateur sleuth, Martha Beale, makes a fine guide to an era where wealth collided with poverty,  and lawlessness was a fact of life.

The Conjurer is the first novel in the series.

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